Window Cleaning

Prime Shine Window Cleaning service will make sure you windows are kept consistently clean. We will ensure we not only clean your windows but also your window frames and ledges, to make sure they are free from dirt and debris.

How do we get your windows to sparkle?

Our products don’t leave steaks on your glass and the water we use it completely pure. We wash the windows using a carbon fibre pole that permanently feeds hot water onto the glass leaving a sparkling smear free window.
We can clean windows on any floor using our Reach & Wash system that enables our window operative to remain on the ground while being able to clean up to a height of 65 feet.

Taking pride in our work with a professional Team

Prime Shine prides itself not only on the quality of our work but the quality of our team. The Prime Shine team are professional people who are courteous, on-time and always willing to give that extra mile.

So if you are looking for someone to keep your windows looking cleaning and sparkling call today for a quote

When you hire a domestic window cleaner you probably want more than just clean windows.
You want a timely, reliable service from someone who cares about your satisfaction.

With Prime Shine Ltd that's exactly what you'll get.

Clean windows and frames make a huge difference to the atmosphere of your home and those who live there.
You'll be proud when you come home to see a noticeable shine and your neighbours will undoubtedly notice it too.

"Put a Prime bit of Shine in your day"

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